What To Do

So there is no shortage of social things to do in Detroit nowadays, but we figured we would share with you our favorite for spring since it is right around the corner.   It was really difficult picking something, but after much head-scratching and debate we have made our spring decision. Leave a comment with your list of the best things to do in Detroit.

Best Things To Do In Detroit During Spring

Red Bull House of Art

Not only is the Red Bull House of Art located close to the Eastern Market, but it is possibly one of the coolest things I have been to in Metro Detroit. Red Bull provides artist with a place to stay and the resources to make artwork to showcase in the museum. The artwork the artist complete during their stead is then showcased to visitors of the museum. Not only is the art awesome, but you get free Red Bull! There are always cool events happening at the museum which are listed on their Facebook page. I highly recommend checking it frequently if you like art or trying new things.

best things to do in Detroit summer

We plan on continuing our series for the future seasons so be sure to check our blog regularly for our best things to do in Detroit series.

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