December Discount Code for Social Sports Detroit indoor cornhole, volleyball, and trampoline dodgeball

You did it! Way to be more awesome than you already are! Ready to try out trampoline dodgeball, indoor cornhole, or indoor volleyball in Metro Detroit? A quick rundown of upcoming sports are: Indoor Volleyball [...]

Monthly Discount Code for Cornhole, Trampoline Dodgeball, Indoor Volleyball, and more leagues

Wahoo, you're here! Now you are certainly ready for trampoline dodgeball, cornhole, and indoor volleyball leagues. A quick rundown of upcoming sports are: Indoor Volleyball - 6 v 6 coed volleyball in Sterling Heights. Teams [...]

Weekly Coed Detroit Sport Leagues Discount Codes

You like us, you really like us! The discount code for June is: Fun1 Enjoy this discount until June 30 or when supplies run out. Just between us, you can use this code on [...]

Weekly discount code

You did it! Woah! Thanks for being awesome and welcome to your weekly discount code for Social Sports Detroit!   The May discount code, good for any sport, is Fun1! But it expires [...]

Best Things To Do In Detroit

What To Do So there is no shortage of social things to do in Detroit nowadays, but we figured we would share with you our favorite for spring since it is right around the corner. [...]