Tweet #broomballdet to @SocialSportsDet with your top reason to play in one of our Detroit broomball leagues.  The best answer will receive a free registration for one of our leagues. Go to the bottom of the page to see our top ten for  additional inspiration.

Interested In Joining One Of Our Detroit Broomball Leagues?

Broomball is an interesting variant of hockey where instead of sticks competitors use brooms and a ball instead of a puck. The combination of this causes pure awesomeness. We typically have our Detroit broomball leagues in the winter, but if there is enough interest during the other seasons we will host a league or two.

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Detroit broomball leagues

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Top Ten Reasons To Play In Our Detroit Broomball Leagues

  1. You can practice shooting while sweeping your living room
  2. To make up awesome trick shots like “The Sweeper”
  3. To relive the days in college when you would play
  4. Get active
  5. To become better than the Canadians
  6. Break up the work week
  7. When else would you get to play broomball?
  8. The glamour
  9. To meet new people
  10. Because it’s awesome
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Detroit Broomball Leagues

Quick Rule Overview For Broomball

Teams consist of 5 players and a goalie.  The game is separated into three periods in which teams will try to outscore their opponents.  The team with the most goals at the end of the third period will win. Keep in mind that ties can occur.  Teams are required to use brooms and broomballs which are provided by Social Sports Detroit.  If players want to bring their own equipment they are more than welcome to. If a person does bring their own equipment, a Social Sports Detroit staff member must  approve of it prior to playing.