Tweet #euchredet to @SocialSportsDet with your top reason to play in one of our Detroit euchre leagues.  The best answer will receive a free registration for one of our leagues. Go to the bottom of the page to see our top ten for  additional inspiration.

Interested In Joining One Of Our Detroit Euchre Leagues?

Euchre we all know it and love it in Michigan.  Social Sports Detroit offers multiple euchre leagues for experienced player and people new to the game.  Euchre leagues are played at local bars so participants can eat and have a drink after a long day of work. The best part is bars give league members specials on drinks and food.

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Detroit Euchre Leagues

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Top Ten Reasons To Play In Our Detroit Euchre Leagues

  1. To honor your Michigan heritage
  2. To open the barn doors when you are one point away from winning
  3. To get practice for your next family party
  4. To beat your friends
  5. To get food and a beer
  6. Break up the work week
  7. Because you are not afraid to euchred
  8. The glamour
  9. To be social
  10. Because it’s awesome
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Detroit Euchre Leagues

About Our Euchre League

Teams consist of 2 players of either gender.  Teams will play each other for one hour once a week for the duration of the season.  The team that wins the most games in the hour time slot will be winner of that week. As always a Social Sports Detroit staff member will attend to give rule clarification if needed. As always, at the end of season the champions of the league will be crowned and all shall know there awesomeness!