Tweet #kickballdet to @SocialSportsDet with your top reason to join one of our Detroit kickball leagues.  The best answer will receive a free registration for one of our leagues. Go to the bottom of the page to see our top ten reasons for  additional inspiration.

Interested In Joining One Of Our Detroit Kickball Leagues?

Kickball is the same great game you would play at recess back in elementary school.  The objective of the game is to outscore your opponent within the allotted time.  Kickball is an extremely simple game to jump in and play without any kind of experience.  Our Detroit kickball leagues typically run in the summer, but if weather permits it they will run in late spring and the fall.

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Detroit Kickball Leagues

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Top Ten Reasons To Play In Our Detroit Kickball Leagues

  1. It is extremely fun
  2. Anyone can jump in and play
  3. To test out your trick pitch “The Giggler”
  4. Get active
  5. So you are ready to try out for when the Olympics include kickball
  6. Break up the work week
  7. To be social
  8. The glamour
  9. There is no equipment required
  10. Because it’s awesome
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Quick Kickball Overview

Each team will have at least 8 players with a maximum of 10 players.  Teams are required to have at least 2 males and 2 females playing during a game. Games will played on a normal softball field.  The team playing defense will pitch to the kicking team trying to get three out without giving up any runs.  Each batter will start with one strike and one ball and if a batter hits a foul while they have two strikes it is considered striking out.