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Nope,  everyone is welcomed.  Regardless of your skill level you will have a blast!

Yes it is.  All payments are processed through paypal.com. If you have questions, feel free to contact their customer service.

All participants must be over the age of 21.  If you are, what are you doing here?  Come join the fun and register!

Social Sports Detroit will provide a full refund as long as you cancel prior to the given sport league’s registration closing.  After registration is closed there will be no refunds given.

Absolutely! All you need to do is have everyone register as free agents, then put the names of the people you want to play with in the box that ask you to list people you want to play with.

If you register as a free agent, the Social Sports Detroit Staff will place you on a team.  You will get to meet your team at the orientation party when you get your team shirt.

One of two things will happen.  Either free agents will be place on your team to meet the minimum requirement or the Social Sports Detroit staff will split your team amongst other teams.  If your team is separated onto other teams, we do our best to put someone from your original team with you.

Yes you are.  These shirts help us know that everyone has signed a waiver, and they make your team look awesome!

Absolutely! Subs are required to sign a waiver before participating in a sporting event.  Remember, only one sub per teammate missing.