Sports and Social Club in Metro Detroit

What Is Social Sports Detroit?

It’s simple. We are a sports and social club in Metro Detroit with a slight twist. We offer all coed sports that you can’t just go into just any recreational center and play. You may have noticed all of our sports are offered at a “social” competition level; this doesn’t mean you can’t be competitive—we encourage good competition. If you are into meeting people, playing sports, and trying new things—prepare to have the time of your life!

Did we mention we host social events too? If you are over 21, living in Metro Detroit, and looking for something to do during all seasons, come see what the excitement is about. Be adventurous and join a sports league as a free agent (alone) or join with friends and prepare for awesomeness. We can’t wait to see you! 

What We Want

We promise to do everything we can to make an amazing and safe environment for both sports and social events.
Social Sports Detroit provides a social atmosphere for young professionals where they can have fun, relax, play sports, network, and forge new relationships. We want to become the most fun, most unique, most outgoing sports and social club in America.
We think everyone who participates in anything we put on is awesome. We encourage you to try new sports, new events, and meet new people.

Percent Of Maximum Fun Achieved Graphs

Playing in a SSD league 98%
Going to our sponsor bar after a league event event 97%
Meeting people at one of our events 96.7%
Being at home. Add 3 points for cool roommates. 17%

Ready to join This Metro Detroit Sports And Social Club?

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